“Cannot find word DIAL in dictionary”

I followed these instructions. I created a file with the name mkphones0.led. It has the following content (the last line is empty – this is not beeing displayed here):

IS sil sil
DE sp

Then I executed the HLEd command:

ubuntu@ubuntu-desktop:~$ HLEd -A -D -T 1 -l '*' -d dict -i phones0.mlf mkphones0.led words.mlf
HLEd -A -D -T 1 -l * -d dict -i phones0.mlf mkphones0.led words.mlf

No HTK Configuration Parameters Set

Editing file: sample1.lab
ERROR [+1232]  NumParts: Cannot find word DIAL in dictionary
FATAL ERROR - Terminating program HLEd

Ok, an error occured. Maybe I should try to examine the dict file. At the moment, the dict file doesn’t contain any entry. The dict file is empty. I should change that.

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