Create codetrain.scp

Now I want to create the file codetrain.scp. This is explained in Step 5. The goal is to convert wav files into MFCC files. I don’t know what exactly that means. But I hope to produce a result even though I don’t understand the meaning of the mel frequency cepstrum.

I need a file with the name wav_config. The conversion will be done by the HCopy command. But first, I have to record the sample files. This is explained in step 3. Which resolution and bitrate should I use? Does that matter? I will have to store the wav files in the correct directory.

I just created just two sample files: sample1.wav and sample2.wav. That should be enough for the moment. Now I have to adapt the codetrain.scp file for my needs. I will try it with the following content (blank line at the end of the document):

../sample1.wav ../sample1.mfc
../sample2.wav ../sample2.mfc

I just created the file wav_config. Now I am trying to execute the following command:

ubuntu@ubuntu-desktop:~$ HCopy -A -D -T 1 -C wav_config -S codetrain.scp

But an error message appears:

ERROR [+6210] OpenWaveInput: Cannot open waveform file ../sample1.wav

Maybe there is some kind of error with the paths. So I changed the content of the file codetrain.scp:

./sample1.wav ./sample1.mfc
./sample2.wav ./sample2.mfc

Now it seems to have worked. The files sample1.mfc and sample2.mfc have been created. I am happy that I am making progress.

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