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Create files: proto, config, train.scp

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

I have to create a proto file. I just did that. Now I have to create a config file. Done. Now I have to adapt the train.scp file. I will try the following text (last line is empty):


Now I will type into the terminal:

HCompV -A -D -T 1 -C config -f 0.01 -m -S train.scp -M hmm0 proto

It was not possible to save the result. Now I create a folder with the name hmm0. Hopefully, this will work out. It seems to have worked. The folder hmm0 contains now two files: proto and vFloors.

Now I create the file /home/ubuntu/hmm0/hmmdefs.
Now I will copy the file monophones0 to the hmm0 folder, then rename it to hmmdefs (after deleting the previously created hmmdefs file). The explanation is bad, sorry for that. But I hope that you understand what I mean. Now I am following the instructions in step 6 (scroll down a little bit). I have added to each line ‘~h ‘. Then I added after each line the BEGINHMM -  ENDHMM block.

I hope that I didn’t forget a line. It was a lot of pasting. Now I added a blank line at the end of the file. My hmmdefs file looks similar like this file.

Now I create the file /home/ubuntu/hmm0/macros. I copied the content of the file vFloors to the file macros. I copied the first three lines from proto, and pasted them to the beginning of macros.