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How to install Debian edition

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

This article explains how I install Linux Mint Debian 201204. It doesn’t explain every detail. Just the main steps are explained. If you are new to Linux, you shouldn’t install the Debian edition. Install the normal edition instead.

1. Download Linux Mint Debian 201204 MATE/Cinnamon 64-bit. Later, I want to use the MATE desktop (because I am a fan of the old GNOME 2 desktop).
2. Burn the .iso to DVD. Turn the computer off.
3. Insert a swappable HDD.
4. Turn the computer on.

5. The DVD with Linux Mint Debian 201204 is loading.

5. Type in as user name “mint” (leave the password empty; just an enter for the password).

6. Press Install Linux Mint

7. Choose your language.

8. Choose your timezone.

9. Choose keyboard layout.

10. Select where you want to install Linux Mint. (This is difficult.)

11. Please indicate your name and select a username and password.

12. Please review the following advanced options.

13. Please review the summary.

14. Please wait about 10 minutes. Then the installation is finished. Press OK. Then restart the computer.

15. Now you know how to install Linux Mint Debian 201204.