Bug fix release: Simon 0.2-beta-2

I just saw that a bug fix release is available. I will check that out later.

Currently, I am examining HTK. And I am making some progress. I hope that I will be able to process more than 10.000 German utterances with the HTK toolkit. I would like to be able to process these prompts (format follows the SSML audio element) with Simon. But how could I achieve this goal? I don’t want to use Simon to record my speech. This is too complicated. I prefer Audacity (because I can record about 30 utterances in just one Audacity session – pretty comfortable – just go to Audacity > File > ‘Export Multiple’).

Simon 0.1 has internet extensions. I would like that a future version of Simon does have an internet extension for the SSML audio element so that I can import these 99 utterances directly from the internet.

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