Ralf’s Hungarian speech model

Some words about the creation of Ralf’s Hungarian speech model.

1. I downloaded Ralf’s Hungarian dictionary.

2. Press the Manage scenarios button.

3. Press New.

4. You have to give the scenario a name. Name it Hungarian. You can change the license to GPLv3. Then press the Add button.

5. Enter your name and a contact. Press OK.

6. Press the Open “Hungarian” button.

7. Press the Import dictionary button.

8. Import this dictionary into Simon as shadow dictionary.

9. Select the type of the dictionary. Select PLS lexicon. Press the Next button.

10. Provide the downloaded PLS dictionary. Press the blue folder button.

11. The dictionary has been imported successfully. Press the Finish button.

12. Then I trained 10 Hungarian words.

13. Switch to the Grammar tab. Press the button Add sentence.

14. You can now enter the sentence structure.

15. Add the word “Unknown”.

16. Switch to the Commands tab. Press the button Manage plugins.

17. Press the Add button. It is necessary to activate the dictation plugin.

18. Select Dictation.

19. Append text after result. Press the space-bar one time. This means that after each recognized word, there will be a space.

20. Simon > Actions > Synchronize, Wait a few moments – Simon is compiling the speech model. Simon > Actions > Activate.

21. Now let’s dictate a few Hungarian words:

bőszít lipid Liptód poliglott poligon topán bőszít

22. Download Ralf’s Hungarian speech model, and use it with Simon 0.3.80.

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