Ralf’s Romanian speech model

Some words about the creation of this speech model:

1. Get Ralf’s Romanian dictionary 0.1.1.
2. Create a Simon scenario with the name “Romanian”.
3. Delete the shadow vocabulary.
4. Import Ralf’s Romanian dictionary as shadow dictionary (PLS format).
5. Add ten words to training. Press the Train selected words button. Simon asks:

Your vocabulary does not define all words used in this text. These words are missing:
multicoloara, delapidată, delebil, delectat, diferim, dificilă, diftong, slab, văcar, împânzit

Do you want to add them now?

Press the Yes button.

6. Add grammar “Unknown”. Add dictation plugin.
7. Actions > Synchronize. Actions > Activate. Dictate a few words:

delectat delectat delectat dificil diftong vcar delectat vcar delectat

Not all Romanian letters appear. Some are being omitted.

8. I have to switch the keyboard language. This can be done in Linux Mint (Gnome Classic layout): Linux Mint > System Settings > Keyboard Layout.

9. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help to switch the keyboard layout. The dictation result is still the same.

10. Export the Romanian scenario. Export the Romanian base model.
11. Download Ralf’s Romanian speech model.

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