Ralf’s Slovenian speech model

Some words about the creation of this speech model.

1. Get Ralf’s Slovenian dictionary.
2. Create a Simon scenario with the name “Slovenian”.
3. Remove the shadow vocabulary.
4. Import Ralf’s Slovenian dictionary as shadow dictionary.
5. Add ten words to training. Question – Simon:

Your vocabulary does not define all words used in this text. These words are missing:
encijane, encijanovo, enciklika, imenovale, kuretensko, nepozaben, plavolase, Zule, šiponovi, zlomom

Do you want to add them now?

Press the Yes button.

6. Add grammar Unknown. Add Dictation plugin. Actions > Synchronize. Actions > Activate. Dictate a few words:

encijane encijanovo enciklika imenovale šiponovi nepozaben plavolase šiponovi plavolase

7. Export scenario. Export base model.
8. Download Ralf’s Slovenian speech model.

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