Ralf’s German speech model

This article explains how I am creating version of Ralf’s German speech model. This speech model should contain about 300.000 words. Let’s see whether it works out. Here is what I do:

1. I have imported all German IPA FLAC files into simon (more than 50.000 FLAC files have been imported). The speech model is working with about 50.000 words.
2. Import a reduced version of my German PLS dictionary from here: file:///home/linuxmint/Music/preparing-de-
Simon > File > Connect. Simon has now automatically been activated. Deactivate Simon. Synchronize.
It will be necessary to remove words from the dictionary that contain triphones that are not part of the acoustic model.
3. Linux Mint terminal:

cd /home/linuxmint/Music/preparing-de-
saxonb-xslt -ext:on -s:words-not-found-1 -xsl:analyze.xsl -o:words-not-found-2
saxonb-xslt -ext:on -s:reduced-german-dictionary- -xsl:compare-missing-graphemes.xsl

4. Delete the scenario demega.
5. Import the scenario demega. Import the base model demega as static base model.
6. Synchonize. Activate Simon and dicate a few words. It is working.
7. Import reduced-german-dictionary-
8. Disconnect. Connect. Synchronize. Wait a few moments. Activate. An error message occurs. There are a lot of words that consist of sounds that are not covered by the base model.
9. Terminal:

saxonb-xslt -ext:on -s:words-not-found-3 -xsl:analyze.xsl -o:words-not-found-4
saxonb-xslt -ext:on -s:reduced-german-dictionary- -xsl:compare-missing-graphemes.xsl

I won’t explain the next steps because they are just a repetition of the previous steps.

Now you got an impression how the next version of my speech model was created. The speech model contains 290.000 words.

Will this speech model run on your computer? You have to compile Julius from source:

./configure --enable-words-int

Normally, Julius has a limit of 65.535 words. I don’t know what the actual limit is, but 290.000 words is possible when compiling with this option.

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