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HHEd and the ModelCompilationManager

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Here is a code snippet from the modelcompilationmanager.cpp:

bool ModelCompilationManager::buildHMM10()
return execute(‘”‘+hHEd+”\” -A -D -T 1 -H \”"+htkIfyPath(tempDir)+”/hmm9/macros\” -H \”"+htkIfyPath(tempDir)+”/hmm9/hmmdefs\” -M \”"+htkIfyPath(tempDir)+”/hmm10/\” \”"+htkIfyPath(tempDir)+”/mktri.hed\” \”"+htkIfyPath(tempDir)+”/monophones1\”");

I have marked some things in the code snippet. Take a look into HHEd/Use if you want to know what
- the -A -D – T 1 means (probably standard options)
- the -H switch means (load macro file)
- the -H switch means (again)
- the -M switch means (store output in this directory)
- mktri.hed (this is probably the edCmdFile containing some commands)
- monophones1 (probably defines a set of HMMs)